Bar Mitts Mountain / Commuter Pogie Handlebar Mittens Black

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Built in gloves for you bike! Used for flat bars / commuter bikes - comes in various sizes

Made with 5 mm thick neoprene with nylon lamination on each side to keep you hands warm and dry, and they have an inside velcro cinch that attaches to the handlebars on the inside of the mitts to keep the mitts in place. These are a must have for cold Chicago winters. Trying to ride through the winter with bulky insulated gloves isn't for everyone. Bar Mitts allow the ride to easy work brake and shift levers by freeing the hand from a winter glove. With these you can ride comfortabley with no glove or only a liner glove through almost anything a midwest winter can throw at you.

Note: If your bars have a mirror or bar ends installed, please call or email us so you can special order you the appropiate variation of Bar Mitts.

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