Cygolite Zot 450 Rechargeable Headlight

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Zot 450 USB

Take on any road with the aggressively powerful and sleek Zot„¢ 450. Its impressive 450 lumens fires up extra wide, long range coverage at night, while its lightning-like flashes make you stand out in broad daylight, to ensure safer cycling at all times. Every bit the road cyclist's light, it uses a low profile flexible mount designed to strap quickly and easily to most handlebars including aerobars. Get the most out of your ride with the Zot's uncompromising safety and illumination.

  • 450 lumens
  • 1 ~ 65 hours run time
  • 8 light modes

€¢ Powerful 450 lumen output with 8 light modes

€¢ Built-in 24/7 Safety Technology® gives you a powerful selection of night and day modes
(Boost - High - Medium - Low - SteadyPulse® - DayLightning® - Triple Flash - Walking)

€¢ DayLightning® mode emits lightning-like flashes to highlight your presence in the brightest of daytime hours

€¢ SteadyPulse® mode alerts night time motorists with pulses while constantly lighting your path

€¢ Enhanced Cycling Optics„¢ (ECO) expands your visibility with an extra wide and long range beam

€¢ USB rechargeable Li-ion battery

€¢ Low battery indicator

€¢ Light mode memory saves the mode you're in before the light is turned off

€¢ Light activation lockout prevents accidental light activation

€¢ Low profile, water resistant design only weighs 70 grams

€¢ Side illumination ports highlight your presence to nearby motorists

€¢ Versatite„¢ flexible mount conveniently attaches to most handlebars including aero bars

*Features and specs are subject to change without notice.

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