Kona Wah Wah 2 Pedals Composite

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Want to feel glued to the pedal, but don't want to commit to clipless? These little puppies will have you feeling extra linked up to your whip, whether you're ripping some single track at Palos or trying to catch the light at six corners.They're fully rebuildable and have replaceable pins to keep your pedal investment rolling for the long haul.

Kona's iconic Wah Wah Pedals are now available in plastic. Featuring a super-sleek, thin profile, these pedals are excellent for a variety of riding styles and varying terrain. With 7 grippy pins on each side, they have an affinity for keeping your feet in place. The spindle features an anodized cap to keep the bearings running smooth. Comprised of a heavy duty plastic, they utilize a slightly twisted shape and concavity to prevent slippage. If you're looking for a strong, light plastic pedal, look no further than the Plastic Wah Wah.

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